Dj Services

What we Can DO!

Every dj Service Includes:

Custom solutions for your unique event. Whether your special day needs wireless microphones, game set ups, stage lighting, or themed options, we’ve got you covered!

Wedding reception Party with Dj Kyle.


Frequently asked

What Are Your Rates?

Our rates depend on the type of event for which you need service.

For all events we charge based on the specific indidual events needs.

We have gone away from confusing packages and pricey add-ons. We aim to have the most straightforward and transparent pricing in the industry!

What Kind Of Music Do We Play?

We have a massive and ever expanding music library covering any genre imaginable.

That being said, if there are any songs that you wish to have played at your event that we do not already have, we will download them at no cost to you! So essentially, no music is off limits!

We’ll also take requests from your guests on the spot unless you prefer us not to.

Is There A Deposit To Confirm My Booking? How Much?

We do NOT “Charge” a deposit, even though one is greatly appreaciated. we just ask if something changes you notify Dj Kyle ASAP so he can book something else. 

Is There A Travel Fee?

We do not charge a travel fee EVER!

*The caveat to that is that we may increase our minimum booking time for events that are farther outside of the Ozark Area. This is simply to make the trip worth our while.

**If your event is way outside of the Lake of The Ozarks, we may require you to cover the cost of a local hotel for the DJ for 1 night.***



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